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We’ve been working on some new material. Collecting them frame by frame and delicately placing them into a brand new album.

Feeling is healing, and thank you all for allowing us the time to process and figure out what we need to say.

Grinning like a maniac and picking guitar fuzz from my teeth

I immediately began the process of looking forward to this incredible band's next gig."

Press Mentions

Vortex music magazine

magnetic bewitching and dreamy

powerful female vocals, face-melting guitar riffs, intricate time signatures, and captivating, murky undertones, it’s a teetering synergy of a positive message with a dark delivery.


their Key Ingredient to their magical


They bear tunes that are replete with melody and a foundation of gritty blues that still seek to take you to higher planes of reality."

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Acid Graphic Elements Bursting Sparkle




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